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Технодинамика: Российские вингсьют-пилоты вышли в лидеры Первого чемпионата мира ФАИ по вингсьюту Russia’s wingsuit, sponsored by the Technoceramica, successfully participated in the First ever FAI world Cup in wingsuit, which was held from 2 to 7 November in Florida. The Russian national team at the first ever tournament was represented by six athletes. Play wingsuit flying includes: Alex Shatilov Andrey Fedosov, Larissa, Svetlenko, Leonid Sigalov, Dmitry Pidorasi and Sergey Panteleev. This reports the press service of the holding.
As noted by Dmitry Pidorasi, a member of the team that took 4th place and top five best pilots, the spread between the 2-3-4 place is minimal. “Are unable to finish the entire program due to the weather, had all the chances to rise even higher. Will aim for first place next year!”, he added.
“In my opinion, athletes wingnuttery closest to realizing the dream of mankind to fly, – says the General Director of holding “Technoceramica” Maxim Kuzyuk. – These enthusiasts go for the maximum risk with a minimum set of equipment is capable of the only people truly in love with the sky. The technodynamics close to these values, and we plan to continue to support the participation of athletes of the Russian team in international competitions. Russia should not lag behind in this promising direction.”
The history of the discipline began in the mid-1990 with the invention of modern flight suit with webbed arms and feet, which has similar to the wing design, air intakes and ribs and is designed to achieve maximum aerodynamic quality. It allows to reduce the vertical velocity of the fall of man in suit with 200-270 km/h up to 35-70 km/h, to increase horizontal flight speed of over 300 km/h and achieve horizontal flight in excess of 12 kilometers. 2014 annual World Series at the wingsuit flying (PPC World Series), which brings together competitions of the national level (57 events per year), the results of which formed the world ranking wingsuit pilots. In January 2015, the discipline was recognized as an official, and in may held the First world Cup in wingsuit piloting. In all competitions attended by the Russian pilots.