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Администрация Хатанги рассматривает вопрос о передаче в концессию аэропорта In Khatanga with working visit was visited by the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Siberian Federal district Sergey meniailo. Together with the Head of the Taimyr Dolgano-Nenets municipal district Ildar Garaevym and acting Head of the rural settlement Khatanga Anna Bettu he held a meeting with heads of enterprises and organizations and members of the public, according to the administration the final decision.

“In the course of the conversation touched on the subject of reconstruction of the building Khatanga airport. Now the issue of the transfer of his concession. But this will happen only if the increase in passenger traffic. The potential increase of traffic load is possible only with the active development of the Taimyr subsurface oil companies. Therefore, the fate of the airport depends on the results of exploration works are now being conducted on the territory of rural settlement”, – noted in press service.

Representatives of Polar GRE complained to the Plenipotentiary of the President in bureaucratic red tape associated with obtaining permits for the mining of gold and diamonds. To understand this question Sergey Menyailo instructed his Deputy.