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Авиакомпания "СИБИА" подвела итоги авиаработ за пожароопасный сезон Kurgan airline “SIBIA” summed up air works for the fire season. As a result of avalonfaninva forest Fund had identified more than 450 fires. This year the airline “SIBIA” carried out everbody patrolling the forests in three regions of Russia: Kurgan region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district and the Republic of Tuva, the press service of the airline.

In the Kurgan region the fire season was officially closed in early November. This year, the “SIBIA” led forest monitoring in the territories of white lake, Ketovskiy, Pritobol, shadrinskiy Shatrovskoye, Mishkinskogo, Kurtamysh, Yurgamyshskiy, Kargapol’skiy, Zverinogolovskoe areas. For more than 290 hours of avalonfaninva in the region identified 108 fires with an area of 134,2 hectare.

In Tuva pilots-observers flew a total of 55 hours and found 25 fires. Main everbody was conducted in the village of Toora-Khem.

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district “SIBIA” carried out aviamanager and participated in extinguishing fires forest Fund near Khanty-Mansiysk, Sovetsky, lugovskogo, Beloyarsk, Beryozovo on area fires more than 4 thousand hectares of forest. In just more than 1,200 hours of aviamatornaya was discovered 320 fires. The most difficult fire situation was observed in the vicinity of the city Soviet — where the pilots have flown 330 hours.

Victor Anikeev, Director General of the airline “SIBIA”: “IN Khanty-Mansiysk on the An-2 aircraft, our pilots regularly parachuted groups of firefighters and equipment for fires. The situation with fires in the regions where we worked, was much more serious than in previous years. But thanks to the aerial surveillance, and timely actions jointly with the institutions of forest protection was able to minimize the loss of forest Fund and to prevent the ignition of settlements.”