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Авиакомпаниям нужно услышать клиента

On the development of the aviation industry in the future, in addition to mobile applications, big data and artificial intelligence, a serious impact consumer experience. These are the conclusions of the authors of the recent report by the London school of Economics LSE, which resulted in his presentation Vadim Besperstov, head of Department on work with airlines in Russia, CIS and Israel, Amadeus, the forum “Wings of the future”. The meeting was held in the hotel “Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center” on November 1-2.

The expert drew attention of the audience that consumers now own the brand new knowledge available to them various technologies they employ a large number of sales channels, including social networks, compare the reviews on a particular product — and carry this experience of relationship with the airlines. “In the industry formed the reality in which it is necessary to focus on the customer,” said Vadim.

It is important to understand that the same passenger in different stages may behave completely differently. For example, today he flies on business tomorrow with the family on vacation, the day after tomorrow with friends for the weekend. The objective of the airline is to track the traveller at any stage and, given the purpose of his visit, personalize your offer.

“Starting here should be a point of contact with the customer — continued the speaker. — Airlines are required to answer the question, with whom he travels, in which the classroom is appreciated. For example, the ability to charge their devices in flight or the ability to use the entertainment system and maybe a Luggage transport to the house?”

Also, the holder must determine the most successful channels in order to bring the offer to the passenger.

Vadim also cited figures from the Global Passenger Survey — research, presented recently by IATA. The majority of the participants (85%) said that they are ready to provide personal data in exchange for personalized service. “That is almost everyone is willing to share personal information, for example, do not stand in line for boarding, or to “their” place on Board”, — said the speaker.

According to the expert, all buyers can be divided into random and loyal. Accidental react on the price, and to attract, airlines need to offer him a good discount. With loyal (or permanent) passengers all the more complicated. “In this case, you must constantly work on building loyalty,’ said Vadim. — And this is important to know what it includes. We distinguish three factors that determine loyalty to the same company: the emotional attachment, the same values and service.”

Consumers now want transparency and appreciate the opportunity to compare offers, the speaker added. And in the Russian market airlines are very fond of playing “Catch me if you can!”, placing in the booking channels the most different proposals. The passenger does not always represent the entire chain, and therefore losing a sense of security. “And what does he do? Goes to another airline, — said Vadim. — Alas, not all carriers even realized the words of the head of Ryanair Michael O’leary: “If I’d known how lucrative is positive attitude to passenger, I would have long ago changed their attitude to him.”