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Аэропорт Шарм эль Шейха стал безопаснее лондонского Хитроу The airport of the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh has become safer London Heathrow. It is reported by the Rambler. Travel with reference to the Secretary-General of the world tourism organization (UNWTO) Taleb Rifai.

He noted that the airport was modernized security systems, and nothing prevents to resume flights from the UK to the Sinai. This conclusion was passed on by the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, but he decided not to resume flights.

Thus, according to Rifai, the continuing ban on flights to Egypt negatively affects the situation in this country: many of its residents who were involved in the tourism sector, remained without work. Because of this, according to the Secretary General of UNWTO, increasing the risk of radicalization in the country.

“People are waiting for the return of tourists. If we wait another year, maybe later. And half of the remaining without a job, with high probability, will join ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), ” said Rifai.

Sharm El Sheikh has invested $ 32 billion in upgrading airport security. British experts conducted an inspection and declared it secure.

The UK has banned flights to Sharm El Sheikh in November last year after the Sinai Peninsula in the attack crashed on a Charter flight with Russian tourists. Also flights to the resort area of Egypt forbade Germany, and Russia completely closed air communication with the country.