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Аэропорт "Емельяново" обслужил 1,5-миллионного пассажира The passenger traffic of international airport “Yemelyanovo” from the beginning of 2016 exceeded 1.5 million people. The jubilee passenger was served November 10, on the morning flight “Krasnoyarsk-Moscow” airlines NordStar. They became Arsen Sociev. A significant event in the airport celebrated the unusual flash mob and a sweet buffet, the press service of the airport.

That the volume of passenger traffic of the Krasnoyarsk airport will exceed 1.5 million people in the morning Moscow flight airline NordStar became known yesterday. Specially for the anniversary passenger airport “Yemelyanovo” together with the base carrier there was prepared a festive program and presents. In honor of the milestone events in the registration area of the terminal for domestic departures and organized a flashmob. At the time of registration of the 1.5-millionth passenger 30 students of the Siberian Federal University and the choir sang the song with wishes for a happy journey, the text of which was written specifically to the momentous event.

Commercial Director of the airport “Yemelyanovo” Anna of Warsaw and the representative of the airline NordStar Irina Vorobyova officially congratulated culprit celebration. The focus this morning was the Krasnoyarsk Arsen Sociev flying to Moscow on a business trip. He received a certificate from the airline NordStar for a free flight on a route “Krasnoyarsk-Moscow-Krasnoyarsk” with the ability to implement it during the year, certificate for a visit to the VIP-hall of the Krasnoyarsk airport and the presents from partners “Yemelyanovo” company “taiga”, “Krasnoyarsk souvenir” and “Casket of gems”, whose shopping points are represented in the terminal for domestic departures. Also for all passengers of morning flights were cooked a big cake.

Anna Warsaw, commercial Director of the international airport “Yemelyanovo”: – exceeding the level of 1.5 million passengers in 2016, a landmark event. We are happy to share this happy moment with our passengers, because it is for them that we open new routes, introduce new services and improve the work of the Krasnoyarsk airport every day. We will continue to constantly improve the quality of services at the Yemelyanovo airport to the beginning of the journey for our passengers an even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Arsen Sociev, 1,5-millionth passenger of the airport “Yemelyanovo” in 2016: For me, everything happening today is a complete surprise. Flew to Moscow on business. Saw that at the reception there is an open seat, walked – and now this. Unexpectedly. Nice. Fly frequently, now I will do it with great pleasure.