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The best seats on the plane


In flight, especially on long-distance comfort of special importance.


So, if you prefer during the flight to stay in his chair, his legs stretched out, you will approach the place from the emergency exit. But in these places you can claim having reached 18 years of age. Preference is given to men, as in the case of an emergency it is they have to help to open the exits.

Comfortable place in terms of space are considered to be in the same place in the front row of the aircraft, as in front of you there are no other seats. But keep in mind that most places are usually given to passengers with small children and sleep on these areas you are unlikely to succeed.


Traditionally, the food and drinks handed out, starting with the front of the cabin. So if you want to eat well and still have the right to choose dishes — a place in the front row for you.


The safest place is a place in the rear of the aircraft, is the best place on the plane. Statistics show that most accidents occur during takeoff and landing. The most common case of an accident at take-off — grazing land tail. Secure the tail section of the aircraft expressed in the fact that the aircraft broke in two parts namely the tail will remain on the ground. During the crash landing there is a risk that the burning fuel may get into the front of the aircraft.

But before we give preference to the tail of the aircraft, please note that there is a strong vibration, the endless queue to the toilet, the choice of food is much less, and a plaid pillow may not be enough.

One question remains, How to choose a seat on the plane? Most airlines sell tickets without fixing the place. Before you buy a ticket, try to clarify whether it is possible to buy a ticket to a certain place. Some of the company for the provision of such services charge more.

If Ticket fixed place in your airline not, then try to come to the airport to the beginning of registration, then you can ask an employee the right place for you Airport.

If you are flying without children, animals, and with a minimum of luggage, in addressing this issue you can help an online registration service (in the diagram, you can select the desired location).

As an additional advice: do not buy tickets for flights on Friday and Sunday (as a rule they are most loaded), or take in the daytime.