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Борт МЧС вылетел в Армению с 29 пострадавшими в ДТП в Северной Осетии The plane EMERCOM flew to Armenia from Beslan, on Board 29 injured in a traffic accident in North Ossetia, told RIA Novosti the representative of EMERCOM in the Republic.

Traffic accident involving passenger bus Moscow-Yerevan and truck occurred at about 4.00 on the road in the Pravoberezhny district of North Ossetia. As a result of collision five people were killed, 27 were hospitalized, four of them children aged 10 to 15 years. In the hospital, according to the revised data, the remaining 10 people. Most of the victims in the accident, according to preliminary data, are residents of Armenia.

“The Board took off, the plane 29 of the victims and the body of one victim”, — stated in the message. According to the government, 10 people left the North Ossetia on their own.