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Борт "Аэрофлота" вылетел из Женевы в Москву без пассажиров The plane “Aeroflot” which were examined in Geneva after the call about the bomb, was sent to Moscow without passengers, told RIA Novosti the airline.

Flight of Aeroflot from Geneva 2381 was supposed to fly to Moscow at 12:35 local time. But a spokesman for the airline said that the plane was inspected at the airport after a call about a bomb threat. Passengers aboard were taken to the terminal for further inspection. The caller was apprehended by the police. On questioning, the man who reported the bomb, admitted that his post was a joke. However, the Prosecutor’s office brought against it criminal case.

“(Inspected after a call about a bomb — ed.) aircraft was sent from Geneva to Moscow without passengers”, — have informed in “Aeroflot” on Friday.

Passengers detained over the bomb scare flight of “Aeroflot” 2381, as previously reported, was sent along with the evening flight 2383 on Thursday with another aircraft of larger capacity.