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Ракета-носитель "Союз-ФГ" с кораблем "Союз МС-02" допущена к установке на Байконуре The state Commission allowed the installation at the launch complex launch vehicle “Soyuz-FG” with the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-02” which starts on 19 October, the press service of the Roscosmos.

October 14, 2016 representatives of the technical management and state Commission at Baikonur cosmodrome has given the conclusion about the readiness of the space rocket “Soyuz-FG” for removal and installation at the launch complex. October 14, experts of the Russian space Agency had concluded the General Assembly of a space rocket. During the day the head unit with transport manned spacecraft (WPK) “Soyuz MS-02” was docked to the third stage of the launch vehicle in the Assembly and testing facility of launch vehicles.
The removal of the carrier rocket with TPK “Soyuz MS-02” from the Assembly-test facility and install it in a vertical position at the launch complex of the platform № 31 of the cosmodrome Baikonur is scheduled for October 16.
Start manned transport spacecraft “Soyuz MS-02” is scheduled October 19, 2016 at 11:05 Moscow time from the 31st pad of the Baikonur cosmodrome.
As part of the main crew — Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergei Ryzhikov and Andrei Borisenko, as well as NASА astronaut Robert Shane Kimbrough. Doubles — Roscosmos cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Nikolai Tikhonov, NASА astronaut mark Vande HEI.