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К строительству аэроэкспресса в Петербурге приступят в июле 2018 года The construction of the line of the Express train, which will connect Vitebsky railway station Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo airport is expected to begin in July 2018, the report said the office of the Vice-Governor Igor Albin, reports RIA Novosti.

Passengers arriving at St. Petersburg airport, often have trouble with how to get to the city. The message of the airport “Pulkovo” with the territory of St. Petersburg is carried out with transfers and change of form of public transport, which is inconvenient for passengers. The authorities of the Northern capital is not the first to discuss the possibility of creating a rail line to the airport. Recently dealt with two different tracks — to the Baltic and Vitebsk train station.

It is currently completing the front end engineering design, including urban studies organization of the project passenger rail service between the airport “Pulkovo” and Vitebsk station. Also discusses the preparation of the tender documentation (in terms of costs and construction time as the essential conditions of the draft concession agreement) and the project development plan for the area of a line feature.

Vice-Governor at the meeting on the organization of passenger transportation between Pulkovo and Vitebsk station has instructed the authorities in the period until 7 November to agree a “road map” launch Aeroexpress to approve the draft plan for the area of the linear feature in October 2017, project construction — not later than November 2017, construction work scheduled from the second half of 2018.

“To start construction works immediately after the completion of the world Cup, that is in July 2018,” given in the message words has been relaxed.

According to the report, design and survey works, which are not provided government funding, it is proposed to include in the concession agreement and qualify as an expense of the concessionaire.