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Суд подтвердил отказ "Трансаэро" в иске к Росавиации на 595 млн рублей Ninth arbitration court of appeal confirmed the refusal of the airline “Transaero” in a lawsuit against the Federal air transport Agency for the recovery of about 595 million rubles of state subsidies, according to the materials of the court. This writes the RAPS.

Arbitration 11 Aug completely rejected the claim of the airline. In the lawsuit, the carrier is requested to pay from the state budget subsidy for the implementation of transportation of passengers to the far East. The government subsidizes airlines to carry passengers on some socially important areas.

As stated in court, the representative plaintiff, for July-September 2015 the defendant refused to pay subsidies to the company, although all the documents were submitted.

The representative of Federal air transport Agency said that the airline chose the wrong way to protect when filing a claim. In addition, the company has not provided for subsidies certificate on no debt.

The representative “Transaero” has declared that the information were to be provided only once when signing the contract with Rosaviation, not monthly.

The court stated in its decision that according to information provided by the Russian Pension Fund, plaintiff had a debt on payment of obligatory payments in the budget. Knowing this, the airline has appealed to the Federal air transport Agency for the subsidy. According to the decree of the government N1563 one of the prerequisites for the grant is no debt of the recipient for payment of taxes, fees and other obligatory payments in budgets of budgetary system of the Russian Federation.

“Transaero” has been unable to service the debt, components, together with leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles, the flights of the company are conducted from 26 October 2015. The arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region on December 16 in the Bank statement entered in “Transaero” surveillance procedure.