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Суд прекратил дело воронежского бизнесмена по "вертолетному скандалу" Railway regional court of Voronezh has stopped criminal prosecution of the Director of “ZMT-Logistik” Anatoly Myachina. He was accused of abuse of authority in the performance of contracts for the hire of helicopters for the regional Centre of medicine of accidents. The case was dismissed “in connection with active repentance” of the defendant and full compensation budget in the amount of more than 10 million rubles, said the representative of the court. Case Myachina was the result of the “helicopter scandal” of the Internet charges a senior official of the regional government to use rented for intensive care helicopter for personal purposes. About it writes RBC.

The “helicopter scandal” began in the fall of 2015 after the appearance of on the Internet video clip about the illegal flights of the head of the Secretariat of the Governor Andrey Vershinin on the helicopter, leased by the Center for disaster medicine. The authors of network publications, he flew by helicopter at the expense of budget funds to the country in the Liskinsky district. The founder of “ZMT-Logistik” Andrew Blagova, Deputy of the regional Duma, called one of the best friends Andrey Vershinin. Even in 2015, Governor Alexey Gordeev recommended that regional Kontrolno-audit chamber (KSP) to check the economic activities of the Center of medicine of accidents. According to the Agency “Abireg”, Andrey Vershinin has resigned “voluntarily” a year later in October 2016.

Test results the PCB was the basis of the criminal case in November 2015. However, at the initiation of the staff of the regional investigation Department of the TFR security officials denied the online version on the use of the helicopter, leased to the Center for disaster medicine “in the private sector, with payment of these services through the budget of the Voronezh region”.

“This information was not confirmed, and evidence of payment of the flights, not connected with rendering of services of the Voronezh regional clinical center of medicine of accidents have not been identified. At the disposal of the government of the Voronezh region the Eurocopter EC-135 in accordance with the terms of the contract on loan was not transferred”, said the representative of the SU TFR in the region.

In November 2015, law enforcement officers found, at the disposal of the government of the Voronezh region the Eurocopter EC-135 in accordance with the terms of the contract on lease was not transferred. The regional government only pay for services LLC “ZMT-Logistik” to maintain the helicopter in constant readiness on the terms of permanent basing, and the actual flights that were carried out at the request of the Voronezh regional clinical center of medicine of accidents.

In the LLC received a payment for the maintenance of the constant readiness of the helicopter Eurocopter EC-135 from 19 January to 16 February 2015. The inspection found that at that time, the Eurocopter EC-135 has not yet been transferred by the lessor. Then it was about the damage of 4.8 million rubles. The investigation has revealed new facts, and the total damage increased to 10 million rubles, stated in the message of the investigative Department of the TFR in the region.

The case for fraud in a large amount reclassified abuse of authority against Anatoly Myachina. In the fall of 2016 the case came to court.

According to the prosecution, in early 2015 the management of LLC “SGMT-Logistik” has concluded the contract with the Department of health of the Voronezh region for paid services using air transport. The contract with OOO “SGML-logistics” at rent the Eurocopter EC-130 was signed in the framework of public-private partnership after the conduct of the electronic auction. Under which the company has committed to provide the emergency medical Center helicopter to deliver the critical patients from district hospitals for treatment in Voronezh on applications for departures. Later, OOO “SGMT-Logistik” signed an additional agreement with the Department to use another more modern helicopter model Eurocopter EC-135, the first helicopter has been used less frequently. The same contract for the same actions, the company signed with the Centre of medicine of accidents, which it was not supposed to be. Because of the appearance of the second helicopter, OOO “SGMT-Logistik” in the person of the Director Anatoly Myachina received a payment for actions that were not implemented. By the beginning of the trial, the A. Myachin compensated the budget of 10 million rubles.