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Роспотребнадзор рассмотрит запрет провоза в самолетах Galaxy Note 7 Due to the ongoing restrictions on the carriage of passengers with smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7, imposed by airlines around the world, this decision today will discuss and CPS. This writes the Russian newspaper.

In particular, as reported by the “echo of Moscow” the assistant to the head of the Supervisory authority Anna Brycheva, will be considered and the fact of infringement of the rights of citizens in connection with such injunction.

Meanwhile, only in the last few days about the ban on carry on Board the plane said a number of airlines from the USA, Finland, Israel. And today about a similar ban was announced by the government of Japan.

The main Japanese carriers – Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) has posted on its website a notice for passengers on the prohibition of trafficking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in hand Luggage and in the Luggage.

We will remind that about the mass recall and suspension of sales of Galaxy Note 7 models which could spontaneously explode due to battery issues, Samsung Electronics announced on 2 September. On October 11, the manufacturer announced a complete halt of production of this model.