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Экипаж Ми-8 МЧС России посмертно удостоен госнаград The crew of the helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia, crashed in the suburbs, and eight firefighters who died fighting a fire at a warehouse in the Amur street in Moscow, was posthumously awarded the state awards. About TASS reported the press service of the emergencies Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“Presidential decree number 593 the order of Courage posthumously awarded eight firefighters died when fighting a major fire in a warehouse of plastic products in the East of Moscow. The same decree, the medal “For courage” is posthumously awarded three pilots of Zhukovsky air rescue center, died in the crash of the helicopter Mi-8 in the suburbs,” – said the representative of the MOE.

Helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia crashed in the evening on September 21 during a training flight to test technologies of salvation in the most difficult conditions. Killing all three aboard – the captain, the chief of the Zhukovsky air rescue center of EMERCOM Roman Frolov, his Deputy, the second pilot Dmitry Arsentiev and flight engineer Maxim Filippov. The pilots with their lives took the falling machine from the settlements. It was one of the most experienced crews, emergency situations, repeatedly participated in the most difficult rescue operations.

Eight fire – the Colonel of internal service Alexander Yurchik, major of internal service Alexey Akimov, Colonel of internal service Roman Georgiev, senior Lieutenant of internal service Alexander Kurentzov, ensign Pavel Andryushkin, warrant officer Nikolay Golubev, warrant officer Sergei Sinegubov, petty officer Paul Makarochkin – one of the first to arrive to the burning warehouse on the Amur street in Moscow in the evening of 22 September. They saved from a burning building more than 100 employees. He then worked in the most dangerous area on the roof of the warehouse, setting a water curtain to cool the gas cylinders and compressors, which at any moment could explode.

Due to the intense burning and high temperatures occurred deformation structures, the roof collapsed with firefighters. As stressed earlier in the MOE, if not for the actions of the firefighters, the fire damage would be very heavy fire were able not only to prevent explosions of gas cylinders, but leakage more than 60 kg of ammonia.