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Экипажи истребителей Су-35С ВВО выполнили боевые пуски ракет класса "воздух-воздух" в Приморье Fighter pilots of the fighter air regiment in the Primorsky territory, after the re-su-35S conducted combat launches of missiles “air-air”. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“Firing guided missiles “air-air” have been in the aviation landfill “Golden valley”. The crews of the latest fighter aircraft su-35S has fulfilled the tasks of detection and destruction of air targets, both single and in the pair at different distances with further departure from probable retaliation,” – said in the Ministry of defence.

During the flights also worked out a technique of simple and complex piloting, including on elements of combat maneuvering. As air targets used special glowing bombs dropped from a height of 10 thousand meters.

Primorsky fighter aviation regiment in March 2016 was equipped with a multi-purpose fighter su-35S generation “4++”.