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Развитие высокотехнологичных отраслей промышленности обсудят на Aerospace Science Week The development of high-tech industries will be discussed at the III International week of aerospace technologies Aerospace Science Week, held in Moscow aviation Institute from 14 to 18 November. Experts, scientists, heads of enterprises, representatives of state structures of Russia, China and other countries will share his views on how Russia to eliminate its backlog in the sphere of high technologies and stay ahead of world trends.
These and other burning questions will be the themes of the three open panel discussions, which will be held November 15. From 10:00 in the Palace of culture and technology MAI (Dubosekovskaya str., 4A, page 1) will be the first of them — “Prospects and challenges of developing high-tech industries of Russia.” The moderator of the event will be Vladimir Knyaginin (the Vice-President of the Center for strategic research), and Mikhail Pogosyan (the rector of the Moscow aviation Institute), Dmitry Peskov (Director of the direction “Young professionals” Agency for strategic initiatives), Evgeny Kuznetsov (General Director of JSC “RVC”), and others.
Also on this day will include discussions on topic “life cycle Management” and “Engineering education: new approaches in training.”
MAI invites media representatives to a panel discussion Aerospace Science Week on November 15.
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