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F-35 впервые приняли участие в учебном воздушном бою с условным противником The F-35B Lightning II operational service with the U.S. Marine corps, took part in a mock battle with “the enemy,” according to N+1 with reference to Defense Aerospace. In the near future will be held a few more fights, during which pilots will be able to master the tactics of air combat, as well as to test the combat capabilities of the F-35B in conditions close to real.

“Opponents” in the US Navy called the special squadron, which during the exercise play the role of a conditional enemy. During the exercise pilots “Adversaries” used tactics that are typical to the enemy, whose role they play during a training flight. Such exercises allow you to better prepare pilots to participate in real combat missions.

During the teaching, Marine pilots on the F-35B opposed the squadron VMFT-401, also known as “Snipers”. Usually during the exercise the squadron simulates the aircraft and the tactics of the Russian and the Chinese air force. The squadron operates flights on a modified F-5N Tiger II. Details on the exercises are not disclosed.
U.S. Marines took the F-35B into service in early August of last year. The aircraft is still under development and can not use the full set of weapons. In particular, due to the shortcomings of the software severely limited the use of false cannon of containers (or built-in aircraft gun does not have). Restrictions will be removed in the 2017-2018 year.

Probably part of the F-35B in the doctrine of “Enemies”, among other things, pursued its goal the assessment of the real combat potential of the aircraft, having in its software several errors.