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Газгольдер XIX века в Петербурге переоборудуют под планетарий с крупнейшим в мире куполом Planetarium with the world’s largest projection dome is planned to create in Saint-Petersburg in the building of three-story tank (a large reservoir for storage of gas) built in the XIX century, which occupies a creative space “Lumiere Lounge”, reports TASS.

“The new planetarium will have the world’s largest projection dome with a diameter of 37 m, and the total exhibition area of 5 thousand square meters will consist of star hall, Museum space with exhibits, interactive rooms with virtual reality, educational classes and Observatory”, – told in the press service of “Lumiere-Hall”.

According to the organizers of the project, a new cultural object is focused not only on tourists but also on increasing the youth’s interest in science. The planetarium will include a viewing of the 40 minute space shows, announced by the Russian stars, as well as independent management of a projection dome.

The main hall will be equipped with 48 powerful projectors, linked into a single system. Exhibition area is planned to fill the various space exhibits, virtual reality attractions and interactive stands.
To convert old buildings into modern architectural project will be built additionally design inside and out. Thus, according to the organizers, appearance and design features of the old gas tank will not be changed, the Observatory will be located in the adjacent building. As noted in the press service, the project is still under development, but most of the equipment already purchased, the design of the dome, the total project cost is more than 280 million rubles.

The Gasometer complex of buildings of the Main gas factory of the Society of the capital lighting was built on the embankment of Obvodny canal in 1884 by architect Wilhelm Bernhard. Cylindrical brick building is declared a monument of architecture of Federal significance.