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Ленобласть попросила проверить законность ограничений в сфере развития аэропортов The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko addressed in OFAS the region to check for compliance with Antimonopoly legislation of the agreement with Saint Petersburg aviation activities, reported “Interfax” on Monday in a press-service of the head region.

The interviewee noted that A. Drozdenko also sent a letter on this subject in the Smolny. “The Leningrad region intends to develop aircraft. But this is prevented by the agreement signed between the two regions in 2009. The Governor appealed to the city administration in order to find a common solution, to be in the Leningrad region to develop civil aviation,” he said.

As reported, the government of the Leningrad region intends to implement on the basis of the airfield “Siversky” in the Gatchina district of the region the project on creation of the passenger airport. Alexander Drozdenko noted that in the near future on the project, negotiations will be held with transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“We believe that any region has the right to have its own airport, the airport may be different: for cargo aircraft, both for sports aviation and could be an airport-the low cost airline business aviation airport. A lot of options,” – said the head of the region.

However, he pointed out that in the Leningrad region is not planned to do the airport of A class, as in Petersburg. “We want to make the usual small airport,” — said Alexander Drozdenko.

According to him, the agreement with St. Petersburg legally does not contain a prohibition for the Leningrad region for the development of the airfield for small aircraft. While earlier, the Governor stressed that the previous leadership of the Leningrad region was signed with St Petersburg the agreement that the region will not be built alternative airports “Pulkovo”.

Meanwhile, in June this year, Maxim Sokolov noted that the construction of a large passenger airport in the territory of Leningrad region is impractical and complicate the work of the aviation system of the country.

Preliminary project for the creation in Leningrad of the infrastructure of air transport, including passenger airport to run low-cost flights was presented in 2013 in the framework of the elaboration of the main directions of transport development in the region. In 2014, the regional government began to discuss the issue of transfer of ownership of region unused airfields of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, including “Siverskiy”.