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Истребители МиГ-35 получат новую РЛС, способную отслеживать до 30 целей Concern “radio-Electronic technology” (KRET) developed the latest onboard radar “Zhuk-AME” with an active phased array, which will allow the MiG-35 fighters to escort 30 targets and simultaneously affect up to six of them, reports RIA Novosti.

“Concern radio-Electronic technologies has developed an advanced multifunctional on-Board radar “Zhuk-AME” with an active phased array for the MiG fighters. New radar allows you to dogfight beyond line of sight, track 30 targets simultaneously hit up to six of them in the air and four on the ground”, — stated in the message of the CONCERN.

The group said that the new radar provides the performance of combat tasks in the most difficult weather conditions and in the case of electronic countermeasures. The “modernized airborne radar “Zhuk” has already received the passport export image. It largely outperforms the competition on the tactical and technical characteristics and intended for installation on the promising aircraft of new generation, including the MiG-35″, — said the first Deputy General Director Igor KRET Nasenkov.

It is noted that the active phased array allows to increase target detection range of up to 160 kilometers, at the same time to work in a mode “air-air” and “air-ground”, to recognize and classify group and single objects simultaneously attack several targets with precision weapons, as well as to transmit data about the tactical situation to other aircraft and to conduct radio-electronic counteraction.

The MiG-35 (codification PATO “Fulcrum F” — fulcrum) is a Russian perspective multi-role fighter of “4++” generation, which is currently being tested. By 2020 VKS should get 30 of these machines.