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Минпромторг предложил создать коллегию по вопросам развития авиапрома The Ministry has proposed to establish a panel for development of aircraft industry under the government, writes Kommersant.

The authority will identify priority areas of aviation activity. So, among the main objectives of the Association States “increasing the competitiveness of the Russian aviation industry” and “creating favorable conditions for the development of passenger and freight transport, especially in remote areas of the country.”

The Board members are also encouraged to improve the regulatory framework for the development of effective measures to support developers, manufacturers and operators of Russian aircraft. The idea of industry and trade, head of the Board appointed by the government, and its members can be including representatives of Federal and regional authorities, scientific and other organizations.

Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation, said that the order about creation of the Board gave the Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, already steering the Marine Board, by analogy with which to generate a new body. Its membership should include representatives of the Ministry of transport, design, production holdings, they have sent requests to formulate the basic functionality of the Board, as well as to introduce potential members of the new body.

The idea, according to the source “b”, actively supported by the Union of aircraft manufacturers, who in March proposed to create the public Council of the aviation industry.

This is not the first such attempt of the Russian authorities. So, in 2013, Dmitry Rogozin, has set up a working group which was to agree on a programme of action to increase the demand of Russian airlines for domestic aircraft.