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Минобороны Болгарии и РСК "МиГ" заключили договор на поставку 10 двигателей The Ministry of defence of Bulgaria signed an agreement with the Russian Corporation “MiG” for the supply of 10 engines for MiG-29 fighters. It is reported by the Ministry of defence of Bulgaria.

“As a result of the consistent policy of the Minister of defence of Bulgaria Nikolay Nencheva against air force on 9 November signed a contract to supply ten engines RD-33 series 2 to the MiG-29, including 4 new and 6 used”, — stated in the message of the Ministry of defense.

The first delivery of two reconditioned engines must be held before 30 April 2017. “The new contract will provide an opportunity to recover the aircraft’s suitability for another five MiG -29 for the next year”, — said the Ministry of defense of Bulgaria.