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В МЧС планируют создание авиационно-спасательных центров во всех федеральных округах Integrated air rescue centers of EMERCOM of Russia can be established in all Federal districts of the country after 2018, according to acting Director of the Department of aviation-rescue technologies and unmanned aviation of the Ministry of emergency Konstantin Moiseenko, reports Interfax.

“At the present time on the basis of the Siberian air rescue center is a comprehensive aviation-rescue center, which will doosnastit additional aircraft”, – he told a workshop in Simferopol on Tuesday, to discuss further development of aviation.

“The results of the operation of this integrated centre in 2018 will be prepared proposals for the establishment of such units in other regional centers of EMERCOM of Russia”, – said K. Moiseenko.

He explained that the analysis of emergency situations and the involvement of the aviation of EMERCOM of Russia on liquidation of their consequences showed the need to create a group of aviation in the Federal districts with the involvement of different aircraft of air rescue centers and air rescue company, EMERCOM of Russia.

“Every year on the territory of the Siberian Federal district there is a large number of wildfires. Strength and aircrafts of the Siberian regional emergency center to fight forest fires is not enough, so in order to solve this problem, and the government order was prepared proposals for the establishment of a Comprehensive aviation-rescue center in Krasnoyarsk”, – said K. Moiseenko.

It will be retrofitted with one Il-76TD, the two planes be-200CHS coming into service of EMERCOM of Russia in 2016 and first quarter 2017 and two helicopters Mi-8AMT and Mi-8MTV-1. According to him, the establishment of the centre will also enable the UN “Global radius” to cover the Asia-Pacific region by the forces of the Siberian regional search and rescue team, certified in September 2016 on the methodology of INSARAG, the UN, and to organize the defense of settlements and social infrastructure of the Siberian Federal district from the fires with their aircraft.

According to the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, the Krasnoyarsk centre should be established in the near future . “All the necessary resources, including the crews of the aircraft is in the required amount and they are ready to perform tasks”, – noted the Minister.