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Вертолётчики ТОФа отработали посадку на палубу авианосного корабля в ночных условиях The crews of anti-submarine and search-and-rescue helicopters Ka-27 airbase naval aviation of the Pacific fleet carried out training flights, using take-off and landing the deck of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) “Admiral Panteleev”. It is reported by the defense Ministry.

“All pilots flew more than 30 landings on a ship in drift and on the go day and night. In addition, helicopter pilots have solved the problems of search and tracking submarines imaginary enemy, and worked out the interaction with the BOD crew when performing flight tasks. Was also conducted overflights of the ship to check his electronic weapons, air defense systems, communication systems and aviation”, – noted in the defense Ministry.

Boarding a ship is considered to be one of the most difficult types of professional training of flight crews of naval aviation. First, the pilots fly from airports, and only after a certain number of hours Kaletnyk allowed to landing on the ship.

Special attention was paid to fly at night. Typically, the helicopter pilot performed the landing on instruments, comparing their actions with commands aboard BPK “Panteleev”.