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Самолет «Аэрофлота» задержали в Женеве после звонка о бомбе

The Geneva Prosecutor’s office said details of the incident with the Russian aircraft “Aeroflot”, on Board of which alleged bomb threat.

A signal to a police panel did with reception around 13:00 local time (14:00 GMT). Airport officials reported that an unidentified man had informed them about the explosive device on the plane, going to fly 2381 flight from Geneva to Moscow. The person who reported the bomb, was detained by the police. Now talking to him, trying to figure out his motives. This is most likely another drunken whim or a stupid prank.

On Board the aircraft at this point was 115 people. They were all quickly evacuated, the aircraft was checked by engineers, however the explosive device was found.

Reported about the alleged bomb on the plane “Aeroflot” in Geneva, bomb man is not a citizen of the Russian Federation. Said the correspondent of TASS Consul of the Consulate General of Russia in Geneva Vladimir Agronomists.

“As I was informed in the representative office of “Aeroflot”, about a bomb reported in a telephone call, a citizen of India, he said. In turn, the security service of Geneva airport told me that this is not a Russian citizen, without specifying, however, any citizen of the country he is”.

Agronomists explained that “the Consulate is obliged to provide assistance to Russian citizens only at their request”, and if such a request is not received, “we do not have the right to forcibly impose their assistance.” “We are monitoring the situation, but while our particular intervention is not needed,” concluded the Consul.

“Aeroflot” promised to provide passengers with the other side. He will fly from Geneva to Moscow at 22:50 Moscow time.

The previous incident of this kind occurred in July 2016. Then to the security office, a woman called and reported that her husband stole her money and is going to go on vacation with his mistress. The caller asked to hold a spouse on the border, but was refused. A few minutes later she called back and said that the couple would have a bomb. The Swiss police were alerted, but the bomb is not found. The woman was sentenced to three months in prison and a fine in the amount of 90 thousand Swiss francs (92 thousand dollars) for ripping police officers from performing duty.