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The popularity of e-tickets

E-ticket or electronic air tickets is gaining popularity around the world. The reason is it is convenient to use and easy purchase for any passenger. All major airlines have widely used this type of ticket.

The technology for the use of electronic tickets appeared in the second half of the 90s. United States marked the beginning of what is now used all over the world everywhere.
For many years in the Russian Federation electronic ticket type is considered to be legalized. Each airline has already carried out the sale of this type of ticket.

Electronic tickets

Electronic tickets – a form of ticket, replacing traditional paper forms. Reservation on a flight takes place as before, the traditional method. All information about flights and travelers are now contained not in paper form, and stored in a database and is not printed on paper before ka. This adds a lot of pluses electronic tickets – they can be bought over the network from virtually anywhere in the world, they can not leave anywhere else or forget in a hurry home, accidentally spoil or stain by dropping them any kind of liquid.

Among the other advantages of buying e-tickets are the following: the passenger is still plenty of spare time to get ready for the flight, because now no need to stand in queues for buying; base of airlines, where tickets are stored in electronic form, guarantees its passengers safety and security of personal information; purchase can be done from any place on the earth, whether it be from home, from work, while in another city or country; when making a purchase of tickets for family members no longer need to transfer the ballets from hand to hand, especially if the relatives are in another country; when buying e-tickets can be noticed that the price of them is lower than that of paper that will allow buyers to save significant funds.

After payment to the email address of the passengers come itinerary receipt that contains information about the flight. Many people are surprised her appearance – this is the usual form of the standard format. But do not take this serious form – this is the official document of importance, serving a guarantor to sign the agreement between the passenger and aircraft firms. This receipt may be required at the airport when you make a check-in along with your passport. In this case, it replaces the usual paper ticket.