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In tourism – strange confession of fraud

In the tourist layers Facebook – the local scandal. Or embarrassment… it’s not even clear how to precisely speak. One pretty hyped network person spread among their 3,000 friends treated so shocking properties as a steel from her hastily opredelitsya, asking each other: “What was that?” In the comments write: “why the cynicism?” In fact, there are other issues. For example: what if this is someone’s revenge? And justified!

Репутацию директора турфирмы уничтожили на Facebook

Who should I – I forgive all

In order not to aggravate the situation of the heroine of this story, let’s call it an assumed name – for example, Irina B. But the post is published without cuts. Rate.

Репутацию директора турфирмы уничтожили на Facebook

Many took this appeal at face value – that is, a real coming-out businesswoman. Resented someone, then years of sitting under house arrest and actually doing time even without trial, while others scribble in feisbuc: “Who should I forgive all, and nothing for me it will not be”!

But who has read again came to the conclusion that no one in their right mind, even if I decided to declare publicly about their problems, wouldn’t have to do it in such a tone, with such details and insights. “She’s not a non-commissioned officer’s widow who flogged herself. Most likely, the account was hacked,” say the people from among her “friends.” That’s in quotes because many of them don’t even know her personally – so we have in the industry will pendat everyone.

Irina B. got in touch with one of your friends in Facebook – Vyacheslav Mr. Sapozhnikov, the chief editor of Hotelier.pro. In the community of Russian Hotels Talks Vyacheslav published correspondence, from which it follows that the account was hacked by some detractors. In any case, Irina B. thinks so. It has removed their profile from the network and reported the incident to the administration Facebook.

If so, then we must admit that the author is a good psychologist. Balances on the thin line between simplicity, which is worse than theft, arrogance, challenge, irony. Plays with facts and figures (fictional?), talking about the most trivial and very common in the final tourism business to the detriment of partners and customers. “Well, I could not, could not!” The plot, notorious very strong on edge and therefore causing sharp reaction.

What if?

The investigation revealed that the detractors Irina B. can really be, but the reason she gave herself. The firm was engaged in booking of hotel accommodation by order of the corporate travelers. Search in the files of the cases of the Moscow arbitration court showed that against the company Irina was filed seven lawsuits. From both hotels and customers. Four cases ended in her defeat, according to one of claims satisfied in October, the firm was ordered to pay more than 300 thousand rubles of debt under the contract on rendering of services in the hotel. The remaining three charged the smaller amount. Three complaints were filed in the fall, a decision thereon is pending. A report showed that Ms. B. is really the CEO of that company, referred to in the infamous post. The founder is a legal entity registered in the Seychelles. And if we assume for a moment that all of these sins really? Then it is likely that someone, desperate to recover from the heroine of our story, the money, attempted to settle the scores in social networks.

We asked the lawyer how to characterize the alleged actions of Irene B., described in the “Frank recognition”.

“This is a crime by definition intentional – not to commit by negligence – intent aimed at the theft of funds. Failure to render services under the contracts, misrepresentation regarding the possibility to execute them – in the Criminal code that’s called fraud,” commented Giorgi Mokhov, founder of the legal Agency “Persona Grata”.

There is no smoke without fire

Anyway, the Avengers have reached the goal – damage to reputation done. “The smoke without fire does not happen”, – concluded the observers. Although there are those who believe that Irina is still slandered.

Hence the question: what are the chances of Irene B. to take revenge on the attackers of her account and to seek redress legally?

Interviewed by the editorial Board lawyers estimate those chances as close to zero. Identify the attacker is virtually impossible, it is unlikely Facebook will do is view the user agreement, and from it bribes are smooth. And no man – no case.

“This is a civil case. There is article 152 of the Civil code for injury to business reputation. But it is necessary to determine the person to make a claim. There is a crime called slander – article 128.1 of the criminal code. But the text written on her behalf, and to slander him to carry it is hardly possible. To indict, it is necessary to establish the identity of the accused. To change the password and give a rebuttal – but the woman had already removed the page,” he listed the ways to protect Georgy Mokhov.

But there is another view: the largest social network, which in this case is also applied in image damage may look for the attacker, provided that the victim take the initiative. “This is a precedent. If you wish to investigate it – the ends always remain,” – says Anton rosikhin, CEO of “SAMO-Soft”.

Another conclusion from this story. It turns out that popularity in social networks, to which all aspire, is not only likes, thousands of friends, advertising, but also risks, and it should be considered. By the way, Yes – this is a precedent. Was tourism the cases where famous people were hacked Skype and asked on their behalf in debt.

But that is…

Apparently, the situation is a stalemate, Irina B. will be difficult to achieve retribution. Of course, if she wants it, and not consciously decided protrollit its vast audience and disappear forever from Facebook.

The material was prepared by Natalia Menshchikova, Dmitri Vasin