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Требование к "Победе" снизить цены за свехнормативный багаж подтвердили The ninth arbitration appeal court also confirmed the legality of the regulations of the Federal Agency for transport supervision, which ordered the airline “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”) to reduce rates for the carriage of passengers, excess baggage, to information on the court’s website.

The appellate court Tuesday rejected the complaint of the carrier on the decision of arbitration court of Moscow, refused in July to cancel the order of Rostransnadzor on February 29, at the request of the airline.

The Agency conducted an audit on the treatment of passenger flight “Cheboksary — Moscow” Dmitry Chugunov, which for carriage in the cabin of excess hand Luggage weighing three pounds demanded to pay an additional fee in the amount of 4.5 thousand rubles. In this case, the ticket cost to the passenger is 2.2 thousand rubles. According to the representative of the Supervisory body, Iron from the flight refused.

As found by the Rostransnadzor, the carrier was in breach of paragraph 82 of the Rules of formation and application of tariffs for regular air transportation of passengers and baggage, which States that “baggage rates are set per unit weight/baggage in absolute value or in percentage of the normal passenger fare”. According to authorities, “the Victory” set a disproportionately high fee for excess baggage.

The same prescription Rostransnadzor told the carrier that the rate of free baggage allowance may not be less than 10 kilos per passenger, including for aircraft type Boeing 737 NG, which uses “Victory”.

“Victory” was founded on September 16 2014 instead fell under the EU sanctions “Dobrolet”. By the end of 2015, the airline served to 3.09 million passengers. According to Rosaviation, for this indicator, the carrier took seventh place in the civil aviation of the Russian Federation.