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The resumption of flights “Transaero” can you believe this?

In tourism environment discusses the latest news about “Transaero”</b>. On 2 November it was announced that in the near future – from 4 to 8 November will be held the Board of Directors of the airline, which will put the question on the resumption of its activities. This information has stirred up the market.

Возобновление полетов Трансаэро: слух или правда

Badges collected?

In tourism four linked a lot on the age of the carrier and with his direct participation has occurred, as is now seen, the heyday of the industry. The project became a part of history. Significant fact: … there is a trade paraphernalia “Transaero” and items associated with its activities. Now it’s a fetish, collect them.

Возобновление полетов Трансаэро: слух или правда

So I guess many would like to believe in the resurrection of the company. Although objectively, this seems unlikely.

Even if not to take into account the fact that ceased to exist the infrastructure of the carrier, he lost his testimony of the operator, disbanded the state and distributed to parts of the Park… Even if to assume that to some extent these processes are reversible… anyway this is the worst time to reload and run: the market shrank, the existing carriers are fighting for grows small tourist traffic, experiencing serious problems with loading even after significant reductions in fleets. Can we assume that someone is under the brand of “Transaero” will try to get involved in this fight, contrary to commercial sense?

Возобновление полетов Трансаэро: слух или правда

In principle, knowing the ambitions of the airlines of the spouses Pleskovich, completely exclude such variant is impossible.

However, observers believe much more likely another scenario.

Like manipulation

Stuffing information about the second coming of “Transaero” could be initiated by someone from its shareholders to increase of quotes of the airline on the Moscow exchange and dump shares at a better price.

If so, the plan worked. 2 Nov paper rose in half to 5.38 RUB.

It should be noted that exactly the same scenario happened in February 2016. Statement about plans to resume the rise on the stock exchange (80 %). And no further action.

– Events are repeated? – asking the observers.

But lead, however, and another version. Background of statements about the upcoming Board of Directors “Transaero” must be sought in a court of conflicts around the airline. “Courts for property claims against the carrier and counter claims continue, – say the experts. – There is not excluded the procedural aspects – the attempt to delay the process or to obtain additional arguments for protection”.

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