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У "Роскосмоса" нет планов оснащать спутники наблюдения ядерными энергоустановками To equip satellites for remote sensing of nuclear power plants is impractical, told reporters Wednesday in St. Petersburg Deputy Director General of state Corporation “Rosatom” Mikhail Khailov. This writes the RNS.

“I think the nuclear power plant needed, primarily for research and development of deep space, because there needs such a large energy. In remote sensing of the Earth still modest. Therefore, we will use the standard power supply solar powered,” said Khailov, answering the question, not whether or not to use nuclear facilities for observation satellites.

Nuclear reactors in space apply in the case that the required amount of energy it is impossible to obtain in other ways, for example by using solar or isotopic energy sources. The first nuclear reactor, applied on the spacecraft was the American SNAP-10A on Board the spacecraft Snapshot, launched in April 1965. It was supposed to conduct flight tests of the reactor for 90 days. The reactor was developed by the Boeing company by order of the air force and the atomic energy Commission of the United States. The reactor was successfully operated for 43 days. His work was accompanied by numerous high-voltage breakdowns, the electromagnetic pulse which disrupted the operation of the onboard equipment. In addition, about the team were dropped the details of construction of the reflector of the reactor, which led to its irreversible jamming.