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Президент Сербии ознакомился с техникой и оружием ВДВ России на учениях "Славянское братство" Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian soldiers and foreign observers in the framework of the exercise “Slavic brotherhood – 2016” acquainted with the equipment and weapons of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation and Russian military equipment “Ratnik-2”. This was reported to journalists by the commander of the Russian contingent in the exercises, the major-General Oleg Polguev, reports TASS.

International tactical exercises “Slavic brotherhood – 2016” held from 2 to November 15, near Belgrade, they take part in the military of Russia, Belarus and Serbia.

“The exhibition deployed on the ground Polanski Levada, was presented virtually the entire spectrum of arms and military equipment of the airborne troops involved in the exercise. This combat vehicle BMD-2, ATV M-1, the entire list of small arms for intelligence – from the machine to a shooting scout knife, as well as monitoring devices and intelligence. Fully present the complex intelligence, control and communication “Sagittarius”, – said Polguev.

According to him, the exercise participants and foreign observers also familiarized themselves with a full set of combat equipment of the second generation of the “Warrior”, which includes 54 names. Polguev noted that the President of Serbia were particularly interested in the sniper rifle asvk 12.7 mm.