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Самым коротким авиарейсом в мире воспользовался миллионный пассажир Scottish airline Loganair has carried since 1967, the one millionth passenger by the shortest in the world regular route to 2700 meters, is listed in the Guinness Book of records. This writes TASS.

A bouquet of flowers and a certificate was awarded employee of the Royal Bank of Scotland Ann Randall commander of the eight-plane namesake Alex Randall after a flight from the island’s what westray to the island of Papa’s what westray (Orkney). It is reported on Tuesday the newspaper the Daily Express.

The flight lasted only 47 seconds. Anne Randall 10 thousand times already used the services of Loganair flights to Orkney Islands archipelago, comprising more than 70 Islands of which 20 are inhabited, and located 16 km from the Northern tip of Scotland. She visited the various communities of the archipelago to discuss financial issues.

According to Jonathan Hinkle, managing Director of the airline using the aircraft Britten-Norman Islander, “our unique itinerary is vital for the inhabitants of the Islands”. “It is very convenient for teachers, students, police officers, representatives of other professions in their daily work,” said Hinkle.