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Государство смогло сэкономить на финансировании развития управления воздушным движением в России The Federal target program “Modernization of uniform system of air traffic of the Russian Federation from 2009 to 2020” this year is completely financed at the expense of means FGUP GK ATM, writes Kommersant with reference to the adviser of the head of Rosaviation Sergey Izvolsky.

Capex go to navigation during the reconstruction of and construction of airfields. According to Mr. Izvolsky, the deletion of budget provision in this article made by the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko and the General Director of the FSUE Igor Moisyenko in the beginning of the year at the meeting of the state Commission on transportation, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The representative of the Deputy Prime Minister confirmed “Kommersant” that the government has decided the entire program to Finance without a budget.

The maximum volume of budgetary investments at the Federal program (including R & d) came in 2011, when it was allocated almost 3.2 billion rubles, after which state support has declined, reaching a low in 2015 — RUB 407 million at the same time most of the funds for the modernization of air navigation equipment was already on the GC ATM RUR 2.1 bln. in Total, since 2009 the Federal program on the budget was given about 11 billion rubles. But in 2016, the Federal program is already fully funded from extrabudgetary sources: for the nine months that FGUP has allocated 2 billion rubles In GK ATM “b” called this variant of financing of the FTP “appropriate”: in international practice, providers of air navigation services need to invest the profit from the main activities in the development and modernization of infrastructure, and the financial position of the FSUE “stable” by end of 2015 lack of funds is not fixed.

Recall that in 2015 in the airspace of the Russian Federation FSUE handled 1.4 million flights — 2.4% less than in 2014. According to the website of GK ATM, in 2015 revenues Federal state unitary enterprise increased by 40%, to 87.6 billion rubles, net profit amounted to 25.8 billion rubles, the Share of services in aeronavigation service (ANO) in the revenue Ledger at the ATM was 88,2%, this figure increased by 2.2%, and the volume of services by foreign airlines 3%. In the end, the FSUE revenue from services ANO foreign users has increased by 61.3% due to the devaluation of the ruble, while the Russian companies proceeds from ANO decreased by 5.1%, total revenue growth CC ATM for this article was 58.9%.

According to “Kommersant”, Alexander Neradko and offered a legal Commission to save 1 billion rubles for the Federal program from the budget and upgrade the enlarged ATM centre in St. Petersburg at the expense of the GK ATM. It was planned to enter service in 2017, but now the project implementation period is delayed.