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Уже третий покупатель отказывается от госпакета акций аэропорта "Омск-Федоровка" State institution “Center of accounting and content of ownership of Omsk region” (KU NCC) said yesterday about the failure of another buyer’s payment of 49% of shares of OJSC “Omsk airport Fedorovka”, which are in the ownership of the region. About it writes Kommersant Novosibirsk.

51% “Omsk-Fedorovka” is owned by the Interstate Corporation of development. By results of auction held on November 1, the winner was Andrew Oboishikova with a price range of 400 thousand rubles instead of the initial value of the shares of 200 thousand rubles.

Also, bidders were Alex and Kombarov, Sergey Kamnev. As noted in the KU NCC, Mr. Oboishikova not signed “in the statutory term” contract of sale, therefore, the results of the auction annulled.

Earlier, as reported by “Kommersant”, the same fate befell another two auctions. In August of this year, refused the deal at the initial price of the shares of Leonid Seliverstov, and in 2015 Ivan Dmitrienko, who won the bidding with a final price of the lot more 600 thousand roubles. we will notice that mister Kombarov participated in the August auction.