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…on which he did not go because of the illness of his wife

To the editor of the portal HotLine.travel asked the tourist, October 30, returning from Thailand. Michael asked “Help the hall”, as it believes that the tour operator ANEX Tour should return him the money for the tour to Cambodia, where he was going to go along with his wife and mother-in-law. He wants to bring his family a formal apology for the inconvenience. Let’s deal.

Турист считает, что ANEX Tour должен ему деньги за экскурсию

“Bought a tour to Thailand, Pattaya, hotel Plumeria Serviced Apart. Originally planned to go on a trip to Cambodia. Bought tickets for a tour through a tour operator.

But then I got sick – coughing, runny nose, malaise, went to hospital Bangkok Pattaya hospital insurance policy that I provided by the employer. After a couple of days and was very sick my wife is a fever of 39, a terrible cough, sore throat, etc. She turned into the same as me, the hospital under the policy of RIKS (of course), has received a certificate from the hospital that can not go on a tour. We immediately called the hotel guide.

Турист считает, что ANEX Tour должен ему деньги за экскурсию

And then the problems started. He said that money can only bring back my wife. As it turned out, the illness of a close relative is not ANEX the basis for cancellation of trip other tourist. ANEX also refused to accept the certificate which is issued on the basis of the application for the policy, different from that included in the tour package. We insisted on a full refund for a cancelled tour. When we called back the hotline, there we were informed that the issue has already been considered, we are of compensation refused to return the money, no one is going. The guide recommended that I contact the “hot line” support for international travelers, the “hot line” were sent back to the guide, and would, in fact, to solve our question.”

According to Michael, the tour cost us $ 119, another $ 30 he paid for re-treatment in the hospital and the purchase of the franchise of the insurance company, affilirovannoj with the tour operator. However, he said that a few days later the guide, who sold his family tour offered them the alternative that the characters of this story also did not fit. They refused and basket of fruit, which in compensation offered by the host country.

Edition Of HotLine.travel requested comment from ANEX Tour, they, in turn, received an official response from a host. We give it verbatim: “the Rules of cancellation of the tour are free of tourists, they are registered in the information book located at reception and also on the back of the excursion ticket, which since the purchase of the excursion is in the hands of the guests. Accordingly, the guests had the opportunity to review the rules, to cancel the trip because of disagreement with them immediately after the purchase within two hours and get a refund.

There’s also specify a paragraph regarding cancellation of the tour due to illness. The refund is made in full and at any time only in the presence of a medical certificate from the doctor on our insurance”.

The tour operator believes that did everything possible to compensate the tourists paid, but unused excursion, but they refused. But customers insist on full compensation for financial and moral damage and ask “Help room”. What do you think?