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Генштаб Турции: ВВС страны не участвуют в операции в Сирии Aircraft of the Turkish air force in recent years not make sorties in Syria as part of operation “shield of the Euphrates,” which Ankara organized with the free Syrian army (FSA). In the report of the General staff of the Turkish armed forces on the progress of the operation notes that “the air force made sorties” once again, reports TASS.
Similar data are contained in previous reports of the military. They reported that “the aircraft was ordered “to wait on the ground” in readiness to fly to hit targets”. In turn, the Anatolian Agency (AA) said that the air force of the Republic do not carry out combat sorties in Syria for at least the last two weeks. “Aircraft of the Turkish air force previously engaged in operations against terrorist targets (in Syria), in the last time, two weeks, ceased to participate in them”, – reports the Agency.

Support aircraft action the FSA in Northern Syria in certain situations is vital for the soldiers on the ground. Meanwhile, the termination of the flight may be associated with the prevention of Damascus’s readiness to shoot down Turkish aircraft. AA points out that “the Syrian air defense system tracked the Turkish aircraft.”

October 20 Syria’s defense Ministry warned that it would shoot down Turkish planes in the case of the invasion of Syrian airspace. This decision was taken in reaction to the bombing of the Turkish air force several settlements in the North of Syria, which was seen as naked aggression. “Any attempt of repeated violations of Syrian airspace by Turkish military planes will be back, and they will be shot down by any means necessary,” – said in a statement.

The operation “Shield of the Euphrates” began on August 24. Its aim is to sweep the North of Syria group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and the actual establishment of a safety zone for the resettlement of refugees.