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Самолет ВВС США провел разведку вблизи Калининградской области With a reconnaissance mission to the Russian borders in the South of the Baltic sea on Monday around 12:30 Moscow time flew U.S. military aircraft, according to data from Western sites, tracking movement of military aviation, Interfax reported.

According to them, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the U.S. air force RC-135W tail number and call sign 62-4139 QUINT79 taking off from an air base Mildenhall in the UK, currently flying around the coast of the Kaliningrad region, carrying out radio reconnaissance Russian territory.

Friday and Saturday the American reconnaissance aircraft made the same approach to the Russian borders in the South of the Baltic sea.
In the last few weeks has dramatically increased the intensity of the flights of American reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian border, in particular, in the Baltic, near the coast of the Crimea and the Russian bases in Syria and the areas of deployment of combat ships of the Russian Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean. Recorded almost daily up to two to three and more such flights.