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"Томск Авиа" выставила на торги аэропорт и другое имущество на 52 млн рублей Bankrupt airline “Tomsk Avia” has exposed on auction the property of the airport in the city of Strezhevoy of the Tomsk region, the airfield in the village North of the Novosibirsk region and several properties totalling approximately 52 million rubles. This property is offered for sale for the first time, told TASS the competitive managing Director Tatyana Jur.

“This property was first put up for auction. The Swan is the whole area of the airport for 16 buildings and four land,” she said.

The most expensive lot – the airport of the Swan – exhibited at the maximum price of about 31 million rubles. The step of auction – 5%. In addition, the airline sells the airfield in the village of North (starting price of 8.9 million) and several properties in the city of Kolpashevo and other human settlements in Tomsk region.

A separate auction, the airline is selling nine aircraft an-24 and An-26 at a total initial cost of about 133 million. Previously, planes, helicopters and part of the real estate “Tomsk Avia” have been exhibited at the auction, but buyers are not found. “On the plane: I announced. Applications will be accepted from November 16. Every five days of a decrease in initial sale price by 5%. It will last until January 9,” said Jur.

The arbitration court of Tomsk region in March, entered bankruptcy proceedings in “Tomsk Avia”, recognizing it bankrupt. Officers previously arrested belonging to the carrier’s eight aircraft An-24 and An-26, 12 helicopters, office equipment, vehicles, real estate in the towns Kolpashevo and Swan in the village of Kargasok and in the Novosibirsk region. In July 2015 Rosaviatsia revoked the air operator certificate of the airline. Police officers have been initiated nearly two dozen criminal cases against the leadership “Tomsk Avia” on the facts of persistent failure to execute court decisions and malicious evasion from repayment of accounts payable.