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Томская ОКБ готова направить 82,9 млн руб на полеты санавиации в 2017г Tomsk regional clinical hospital (OKB) will pay more than 650 hours of flight the helicopters of sanitary aircraft in 2017, it is planned to send up to 82,9 million rubles is almost the same as a year earlier, according to the website of public procurement. This writes RIA Tomsk.

“The volume of aviation works aircraft (helicopter) 655 flying hours. The scope of services duty to ensure the flight operations aircraft (helicopter) <…> 8,05 thousands of hours. The initial (maximum) contract price is 82,92 million rubles”, says the document.

Specifies that the aircraft must be equipped for transportation of patients and physicians. They have to perform flights at any time of the day and no later than 1.5 hours after receipt of the application if it is not hindered by weather conditions.

Paid 390 hours of flight time in a helicopter, in which at least 10 seats, or at least eight seats and one seat for the bed patient. 265 more hours on the helicopter in which at least five seats. Applications will be accepted until November 21. The auction will be held on November 29, summing up 6 Dec. The contract is for the period from 1 January until 31 December 2017.

According to the website, last year the starting price of the auction was 81,13 million rubles were paid for 632 hours of flight. The auction was won by LLC “Avia-Sibir”, by requesting price 68,74 million rubles.

According to the administration, the emergency aircraft is used, in particular, to transport patients from remote settlements. “We have a main customer of EDB. There is all specialized, high-tech help. The contractor must be elected annually in the competition,” explained RIA Tomsk Deputy Governor on social policy Chingis Akataev.