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What you need to know about the country, to stay successful

If you are just going to leave and mentally prepared for the transatlantic flights, a Caribbean vacation will be the right choice at any time of the year. Read reviews of tourists on Dominican Republic – here are the best beaches in the world for comfortable swimming and families with children. Believe me, better check. Americans so love the Dominican Republic, as probably only the Canadians love Cuba. For them, this visa-free Paradise much closer. And if you want to meet and celebrate the New year at sea, you belong here too. How long is the flight to the Dominican Republic? What resort to choose? Let’s deal! In the top 10 best resorts in the Dominican Republic, which the editors have compiled based on reviews of professionals.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

How to get there?

Trains in America until you go, have to fly. A flight to the Dominican Republic take about 13 hours to fly from Moscow or St. Petersburg, a direct flight to Punta Cana. Or a bit longer with a connection in Europe or the United States.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

Resorts Of The Dominican Republic. What to choose?

As the saying goes, “what Russian well, the German death”. Our looking for the best beaches, foreigners prefer to relax by the pool. Families with children choose hotels with a large territory and a rich “all inclusive by” active young people prefer sports, new interesting places and nightlife. We offer a brief description of the top 10 popular resorts and the choice is yours.

No. 1. Punta Cana

If you don’t want to speculate on the subject, where to go and what resort to choose the Dominican Republic go to Punta Cana. Transfer from the airport takes less than half an hour. Here’s a selection of the hotels of international hotel chains. It makes no sense to compare Barcelo and Melia, Iberostar and Bahia Principe. The good of all. But 5* and 4* differ greatly. As for the price, and the food, and the number included in the “all inclusive” services and amenities. If you do not care about the room size, the presence of branded cosmetics in the bathroom, if you are good enough “buffet” and do not need thematic a La card if the minimum selection of imported alcohol does not bother you, and you came for the beach and sun – 4* on the first line will be a good choice. Punta Cana is the most popular resort with tourists from Russia. Come here for gorgeous beaches and palm groves, easy shopping within walking distance, discos and casinos habitually large hotel (on the territory of the building is above the palm trees), carefree resort atmosphere and plenty of daytime and evening entertainment inside the hotel.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 2. Cap Cana

Cap Cana is for those who want to choose a new, prestigious and most expensive resort. Airport of Punta Cana at hand. Rest here can afford to really wealthy people. Such as Donald trump, for example. They say that half of the local real estate he already owns. And it’s not even the superlatives and epithets, which asks for the language in this fabulous place. It is expensive and smells like money. Luxury Villa with private grounds and pools, Golf courses from designers of world size, luxury yachts in the Marina and boutique hotels, scattered over the vast beach surrounded by palm groves. All very nice. So, what about the wedding photo shoot in cap Cana is a dream of all young couples who choose the Dominican Republic resorts for weddings and honeymoons.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 3. La Romana

Less popular with our visitors because of the distance from the airports of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. A private airport in La Romana flight from Russia is not taking. But the Americans feel at home here. Huge private tourist complex Casa de Campo covers an area of 7 000 ha. Built with American scale, the resort has two excellent Golf courses of the world level, the shooting range and hunting club, tennis courts, stable, excellent diving with underwater hunting. But with “the all inclusive” here. The whole area is built up villas, which Americans are renting or tisserat large families and companies. All quiet, cultural, private. To find out whether the Villa is occupied by the presence at the car Park, the flavors of the BBQ facilities and children’s laughter from behind the fence.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 4. Boca Chica

Only 30 km from Santo Domingo, and you are in Boca Chica. The beaches are not as extensive as in Punta Cana, but the same white. That’s only coral reef close to the shore. For young children there is need to constantly watch. The shallow entry into the water, but sharp pieces of corals constantly brings to the beach. But the expanse for lovers of water sports: Windsurfing, sailing, water skiing. Every April Boca Chica adopts the international tournament of sport fishing. Local hotels are rather modest 3* and 4*.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 5. Juan Dolio

Like Boca Chica, the resort town of Juan Dolio on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic. The capital city is 55 km away. there are as many corals on the beach, budget hotels and seaside cafes. Good diving, but to go in the water without special shoes is unlikely to succeed.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 6. Puerto Plata

A town and popular resort area in the North of the island. If you read the reviews of tourists on the Dominican Republic, we can see that a few years ago it was a quiet place, not comparable to Punta Cana or the number of hotels, nor on the quality of the beaches. Came here in the first place surfers and unpretentious backpackers in search of adventure and affordable resort living in Cabarete and Sosua. The tourist boom has covered Puerto Plata recently, with the introduction of a new resort complex of Playa Dorada. This self-contained resort of half a dozen hotels have arisen to the East of Puerto Plata. The best wild Atlantic sandy beaches stretch for 120 km and a gorgeous deep-sea fishing in these waters. In the town of Puerto Plata can be boring time to look into the Church, where was held the first mass on the American continent, to visit the local amber Museum, check out the “samples of the increased production” on the distillery Brutal, on Saturday to watch cockfights.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 7. Cabarete

Isn’t an imposing name for a small resort village on the Atlantic coast of Puerto Plata? Do not come here respectable parents with a brood of children. The youth with the boards wins wave of the day and delayed in the evening in bars and discos. It is equally simply tie a non-binding experience to the rhythms of merengue and bachata, or meet their fate. No wonder the local girls regularly forced to nervously chew the manicure of their rivals in the contest “Miss universe”.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 8. Sosua

Yet another haven for the young and single lovers a hassle-free vacation. Small town comfortably hidden in a quiet Cove near Puerto Plata. As in Cabarete, there’s a lot of bars, discos, entertainment and drinking establishments, which are moved between the young and old lovers new friends. Even if you had too much to drink, you do not face waking up alone on the beach or go to the police. Local residents and female residents have long been accustomed to tourists and will always give them a helping hand in any situation.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 9. Adobe

Protected the Samana Peninsula will appreciate the romance and ecotourism. Best sandy beaches the desert and sea to meet dolphins and manatees. And yet nature here is so pristine that, if you’re lucky, you will see with the naked eye from the mating of humpback whales from mid-January to mid-March. Best place for a romantic holiday away from the bustle of the city and observe underwater beauty is here. This is an island of Cayo Levantado. All three beach 5* to “oll inclusive” belong to the Spanish chain Barcelo.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

No. 10. Saona

The large desert island off the coast of the Dominican Republic. There are no hotels here and the rest in two ways. The first is to sail with a guided tour on a yacht or a boat for a couple of hours, the second – to buy a house, as did bill gates, Madonna and Julio Iglesias. Tourists often choose the first. The tour includes boat trip with a stop at sandbanks: depth 1 m, on the bottom are sea stars that like to be photographed, but to go back in the water stars need fast, the air they are contraindicated. And of course, swimming in a small lagoon, and a massage in the shade of palm trees, a barbecue and cocktails on the beach.

ТОП-10 лучших курортов Доминиканы от Hotline.Travel

In summary, it is possible to answer the question, what are the pros and cons of the Dominican Republic. If the pros is more or less clear, the disadvantages are not so obvious, or rather, they are almost there. Maybe a long flight? Or the overabundance of sea and sun, love and joy? Or the feeling that all good things come to an end and who knows when I will be able again to escape from the cold winter? We have to live today! Come to the Dominican Republic, this is a great option to celebrate the New year at sea.