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The new US President has proved to be a successful hotelier

The victory of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States is widely debated around the world. The 45th President of America, apparently, has business acumen in his business Empire includes assets in different industries, as well as hotels. That once again emphasizes that this appointment can seriously affect tourism. Understand hotels trump.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

America chose

“The election of Donald trump President of the United States – neither more nor less than a tragedy for the American Republic, a tragedy for the Constitution and a triumph for the chauvinist, derzhavniki, sexist and racist forces in the country and abroad” – so begins the article from 9 November in the respected American magazine the New Yorker. Seems like yesterday, nobody expected such a turn of events neither in America nor in Europe. In the news and social networks – a flurry of surprise, indignation and outrage mixed with melancholy and sadness from the English-speaking population of the West. The consequences of a trump presidency on global politics is still unclear. At the same time, this appointment is likely to have some impact on tourism. After all, the assets of the businessman-billionaire not only business centers, casinos and food industry, but also hotels in the U.S. and abroad.

“That is how it will combine big business with the President?” – you will ask. Under American law, it will not be any problems. Officials can save their assets by placing them in a “blind trust” managed by “independent” managers, which the President however has the right to appoint himself – according to Bloomberg. But this rule can be circumvented, as did President Obama, who explained his decision by the fact that his portfolio was small, and seriously affect its assets, as President, he could not.

Hotel Empire Donald trump

So, what is Trump Hotels? On the company’s website lists 15 projects in various States of America but also in Ireland, Scotland, Panama and Brazil, soon to open hotel in Vancouver. Rumor has it that the newly elected President of the US owns half the estate in the Dominican resort of cap Cana, where he likes to relax. Interesting detail: the website of the hotel chain already has a Russian version.

If you look closely, the objects of Trump Hotels are located mainly in big cities. Some resorts, such as Miami or Honolulu Hawaii. Needless to say, this is a luxurious accommodation facilities for a sophisticated audience, how can you believe the official website. Look at the kind of these objects – the most fashionable.

No. 1. Washington, D.C.

The new luxury hotel belongs to the hotel chain billionaire, was opened on September 12 in the US capital. The hotel is located in the old city post office, built in the late XIX century. Its reconstruction took several years and $ 200 million. For the first week all the rooms were booked immediately. However, opponents of the expansion of the hotel billionaire is also found. On the first day of operation of the hotel front entrance there was a demonstration against the election rhetoric of the candidate.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

The most expensive room of the hotel called Trump Townhouse with an area of 585 sq. m with two bedrooms costs from $ 22,500 per night.

No. 2. New York

The 52-storey Trump International Hotel & Tower in Manhattan – the only five-star hotel in the city with the only five-star restaurant by Forbes Travel Guide. It is located near Central Park, boasts “impeccable style” and “excellent service”. Room rates start from $ 485 per night.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

“After finished in September 2010, the renovation cost $ 30 million dollars in numbers appeared plush sofas, rich wood finish, mirror in glossy gold and bronze frames and crystal chandeliers Schonbek handmade” – written on the page of the hotel.

No. 3. Waikiki

Hawaiian property billionaire offers three wedding packages for different budgets for those who wish to marry under the brand of trump. One of the terraces named after his daughter, Ivanka. The hotel offers a toastmaster, a bouquet for the bride, a way for the newlyweds petals of orchids, and a bottle of sparkling wine in glasses with a logo – who? – that’s right, trump.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

“Two-level hall of the hotel roof which replaces the open sky, delights guests with ocean views and interiors that reflect the rich history of the island. The hotel has 38 floors and all of the 462 luxury rooms and suites offer magnificent views. The emerald waters of the Pacific ocean, washing the shores of Fort DeRussy Park, Diamond head, Honolulu silhouettes – all the sites are situated amid the fabulous mountains of Ko’olau.” so goes a short description of this accommodation.

No. 4. Rio de Janeiro

The dream of Ostap Bender is embodied in the exclusive hotel of another great strategist in the most popular city in Brazil. This object draws the attention of potential customers on the possibilities for holding meetings and meetings with special pricing conditions. For politically active MICE audience.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

No. 5. Doonbeg, Ireland

“Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland (formerly the Lodge at Doonbeg) offers travelers spacious rooms, excellent facilities and discreet service. A trip to Doonbeg is a unique opportunity to relax in the luxurious rooms of Windows that offer magical views of the hilly landscape of lapping waves on the shore and the sand dunes, keeping a thousand-year history of this place,” wrote about the hotel PR Manager businessman.

Топ-5 лучших отелей Дональда Трампа

Irish guests at Trump promised “the height of luxury and elegance of old-world suites, tastefully decorated and specially chosen furniture, objects of art and Antiques”.

Not all Trump carnival

Was in the portfolio of billionaire and unfinished projects. So, in 2005 it was announced about the construction of the hotel-the skyscraper at 300 rooms, The Palm Trump International Hotel & Tower on the palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Shestidesyatiletiya the tower was to be a Central part of the island and one of the symbols of architectural appearance of the Emirate. The construction has not even begun, when it was struck by the global financial crisis of 2008 and the Dubai real estate market has collapsed by 60 %.

“Many projects were initiated at that time, some of them we see around the world incomplete. It was smart on our part that we have not begun construction, and a bit lucky,” said about this billionaire in an interview with Arabian Business in 2014.

Officially about the cancellation of the construction was not announced, but in 2012, the development company Nakheel has been in high debt and decided to open the Park al Ittihad in the place intended for of trump tower. A businessman focused on the construction of Golf courses in the same Emirate.