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Hoteliers dream to return tourists from Russia

Market tours in Southeast Asia ahead of the coming winter has changed dramatically. Many long-haul destinations, which have relatively recently been overstocked tourist product consumer, for the inhabitants of Central Russia were once again the exotic, available to a limited number of travelers. But there are resorts that have already adjusted to a mass clientele, and now the hoteliers out there are making feverish efforts to solve the download issues. What will be the effect?

On Bali was cancelled “high” season

Туры в Юго-Восточную Азию снова стали экзотикой

One of striking examples – Bali, more specifically, those resorts directions, where once actively drove the citizens of the rest of the CIS: Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran. Our compatriots and “neighbors” to the crisis and the bankruptcy of “Transaero” was there, according to expert estimates, about 30-40 % of the clientele, so now for local hoteliers are trying times.

The recession, of course, began last season when there was no budget flights from Moscow to Bali. But then the management of the hotels still not fully aware of the consequences – exposed contract rates “as if nothing had happened”. And already during the sales tried to spur client activity chaotic special offers.

On the eve of winter-2016/17 they took quite a different game. “Many people immediately fell in price by 15-20 % from last year’s initial level, divided supervision of Andrei Nosov, the expert “VEDI tour GROUPS”. – For us the price difference is even more significant that now the ruble exchange rate to the dollar is slightly higher than at the beginning of last winter season.”

There are hoteliers, who went further: he abolished the “high” date. I mean, did not increase prices at Christmas and new year holidays and other periods that were previously observed increased activity of tourists. And this eloquently shows that the entrepreneurs, who at one time made a bid for in-line clientele from Russia, – the most pessimistic forecast for the season. However, their colleagues from other regions of Indonesia, which attracts mostly tourists from Asia, Australia (surf party), I feel quite confident from them so far, no special offers are not received, all in normal mode.

Returning to the resorts of Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran. Observers do not exclude that in the course of the season, local hoteliers will fall in price even lower. But the question is: what will be the response of the market?

A significant effect is not expected. Still, the lion’s share of the cost of the tour in Bali consists of transport costs, and now they high. From Russia only charters are planned for the New year, and Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern Airlines from Moscow (all docking options with one landing). Only a small part of the travelling public can afford such a luxury. Despite the fact that regular airlines, in an effort to keep passengers, reduced tariffs in foreign currency equivalent.

However, Andrey Nosov and other experts see some advantages. Yes, the number of tourists has decreased, but in Indonesia now flies to Egyptian clientele. Which before the Internet received such reviews: “I Bought a tour to Bali, paid a WHOPPING 33 thousand! What? Dirty hotel on the eighth line, the service and food were awful!”

So it may look like the island of dreams through the prism of dumping. Now this is not about Bali.

Hainan depressed

Туры в Юго-Восточную Азию снова стали экзотикой

The situation of the Chinese hoteliers, even harder than colleagues from Indonesia: they have suffered not only Russian, but also your inner tourist flow, before significant. Chinese citizens who can afford to travel, EN masse, rushed abroad – the feeling that they are all we have on red square. But there is, of course, is deceptive. Guests from China a huge number and in the resorts of Thailand, the Maldives, generally throughout Southeast Asia. And who Hainan shipping? Pushkin?

And as the law of meanness, the collapse of sales on the two main fronts in the Chinese market almost immediately after received a significant additive license Fund – new facilities in the Bay Haitang Bay. Many chain 5* hotels, such in Hainan was lacking before. And here they are now half empty, like many other hotels on the island.

“Significant fact: this season even for the period from 1 to 9 October, when China pass the national festival, no problem was confirmed by almost any of the hotels, – said the expert of the relevant Department of PAC Group Marina Sevostyanova. – The average cost of accommodation decreased by 30-50% if, for example, to watch dollar contract prices for November compared to last year. Additionally, there are big margins on peak dates. Before the Chinese New year fares were increased four times, now – a half or two at most. And somewhere less.”

Another sign of the times: hoteliers ceased to expose, like “mandatory dinner”, when the tourists had one week of rest must be treated, for example, barbecue is $ 30 per person.

All this steps are logical and correct, experts say. But annoying one. In pursuit of clients managers of Chinese hotels now offer online aggregators direct booking about the same prices as the tour operators. “Well, maybe $ 10 below. And I do the same with this price need a Commission to the travel agent to give and to earn something”, – says Marina Sevostyanova.

Tourists, of course, compare prices and hinted: “it makes Sense to communicate with the Agency if in the end it all costs the same?”

To convince hoteliers of the short-sightedness of this approach is not yet possible. But through persistent negotiations, the tour operators them to get some compliments for its tourists. For example, free transfer from the airport, and fruit in the room. It is going more than the extra mile in price for professional partners.

The season has just begun. We will monitor the development of the price situation in China. And yet note that this winter after the break, resumed Charter flights. Their initiators – mass tour operators – are trying to persuade hoteliers to emergency implementation of the format “All inclusive”, promising that this will motivate sales. So it is quite possible that the domestic customer will receive a cheap China as the next egyptomania.

Thailand. For contrast

Туры в Юго-Восточную Азию снова стали экзотикой

For contrast let’s see what’s the situation in Thailand, which has always been the most affordable of exotic areas.

Here there is just hoteliers are any problems with downloading do not. “Increasing demand from European customers, plus there is a powerful flow of tourists from China, says the expert of the company ClickVoyage Tatiana Dashkova. Accordingly, executives are not inclined to take any special steps to encourage Russian tourists looking to relax cheaper. All, as usual there will be seasonal special offers associated with the expected fluctuations in demand, not more.”

In the field of air too, everything is relatively stable. While there is a sense that the declared volume of air corresponds to the total potential demand, nobody wants to arrange the sale. But here’s the thing: in the direction of appear high quality regular service, at a price comparable to Charter. Such a proposal was made to market the airline Thai Airways, which is after the break, resumes in Russia. “For example, promoteri Nov – 26 thousand rubles. For comparison: at “Aeroflot” – 40 thousand at least. And the price range in the Charter segment from 400 to 600 dollars for a chair” – says the observations of Tatjana Dashkova.

Players Thai directions associated with inoperation high expectations. “Watching the development of events – confirms Natalia Karalaeva, “Carlson Tourism”. – We would like to lead an active sale, but it’s a pity that no one in Moscow to negotiate, to discuss contracts, the operator’s tariffs. While professional market participants have the same prices as individuals in the General system”.

So every market has their own wedding. Their drama, prospects and risks. But
there are General trends common to most areas of Southeast Asia. Them briefly
outlined in an interview with HotLine.travel Natalia Katalava: “the Middle class tourists, it is possible to tell, on the market
gone, the two poles of a high budget and economy. We work with the first
them. Notice that wealthy people are starting to save: want to get something
the same thing he had last year, but only half the price. Not
exaggerate: twice. Oh, and another thing I would like to mention. Increases
the share of non-standard requests. Paying customers are fed up with beaches and
now I ask for them to invent such routes, so exotic in net
. Sometimes willing to live in villages deep in the jungle – in short, looking for
completely new experiences. And it pleases. If people have a craving for
the adventure so tourism continues!”