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How to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel is cheap and reliable?

Each backpackers (independent travelers) faced with the question of how to get from the plane to the resort. This problem is especially concerned about those who do not speak foreign languages. Usually, to get to the hotel take a taxi, but, as is well known, airport taxi drivers are the most greedy and wring visitors unimaginable prices for travel to the hotel. It is not uncommon when the destination is not far away, but a tourist ride on the machine, giving plenty to enjoy the local scenery, and the meter will have to pay him a tidy sum. Or, in another case, not knowing the language, it is impossible to clearly explain to the driver your destination, and he would be happy to carry on all hotels and to roll mileage.
Transfer airport – hotel – airport is an integral part of almost every trip and is rather big share of budget travel, for which you do not want to overpay.

How to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses for a taxi?

In addition to airport taxis have a network of public transport that connects the terminal to the city or resort. But tourists with suitcases on a bus ride with transfers to the hotel very uncomfortable. And if you are traveling with children, then a car with child seats will be most comfortable. How to be if your flight departs or arrives at night when public transport is not working?
Tourists who have purchased package tour travel agency, meets the host company and provides transfer airport – hotel – airport. It is an integral part of the package ground service. What independent traveler? How to protect themselves from extortion taxi and shuttle services cheaply and safely?
To this end, in all civilized countries there is a special transfer service for travelers. Transport company has a large fleet of vehicles have contracts with the online booking center, which determines the actual fixed cost of travel, and making online order, you will get quality service cheaply and reliably.
Depending on the number of passengers in your campaign, you can order a transfer from the airport cheaply, not only on the usual car but a van with seats up to 12 people. More discerning travelers have the opportunity to order class “luxury” car.
Our portal provides the ability to order a transfer in more than 300 cities in 60 countries. In addition, you can also book a transfer with the addresses in the address.

Benefits transfer order in the system of online – booking.

Profitably. The cost is much cheaper than the cost of travel by taxi.
A wide range of transport modes. online booking system offers a choice: the car of economy class, a van for a small campaign and class “luxury” car.
Reliably. Regardless of the time of arrival, passengers will meet the ordered transport. To do this in the online ordering specified aircraft the flight number and arrival time, and a transfer service monitors the number of flight delays on airplanes.
Not only the ability to order a transfer airport – hotel – airport, but also to “move from point to point” at various resorts at change of place of residence in accordance with the travel program.
A convenient form of payment. Payment is made by credit card or through other methods of electronic payments.
Speed ​​of execution. Order online, pay and receive a voucher for the ordered services will take several minutes. Everything is done without leaving your computer.