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Turkish Airlines отменяет 17 международных рейсов и выводит из эксплуатации 30 лайнеров Major Turkish air carrier Turkish Airlines has decided to cancel the 17 international flights from-for decrease in the number of customers. As reported by news portal Haberler, cancellations 30 passenger aircraft will be temporarily decommissioned. This writes TASS.

The reason for this decision called economic difficulties and the activity of terrorist organizations, which in some areas at Turkish Airlines dropped the number of clients. It is noted that these measures are planned only for the winter period. It is believed that the aircraft must be in the air to bring the company’s profit, as every minute of downtime liner on earth leads to financial losses. But in the current environment for the airline is, apparently, the most profitable option.

The first batch of 12 decommissioned from active service of the Airbus A330-200 delivered to the airport of Antalya. They are driven back to the second international terminal, which in winter is not functioning. It is assumed that during the shutdown, these liners will undergo technical inspection and upgrades. Just Park of 298 passenger aircraft.

The number of canceled flights the flights between Turkey and several cities in Algeria, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. In the Republic in winter, not to be carried out flights in five directions – Eskisehir, Tokat, Endemic, Malatya and Siirt.