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Два специалиста авиакомпании AZUR air вошли в число 35 лучших молодых специалистов отрасли In Moscow in the framework of the 14th Eurasian aviation forum “Wings of the future” Award for young talents “35 to 35”. All enterprises of the aviation industry this year received the right to nominate their candidates for obtaining the new Award. This reports the press service of the airline.

Two of the candidate airline air AZUR became laureates and has ranked among the best and promising young industry professionals. Only diplomas were awarded to thirty-five experts from sixteen of aviation companies that are leaders in their fields.

“One of the Award winners was Alex Mosolov, the head of group of service of the airline air AZUR. In addition to the competent organization of business processes related to provision of service on the Board of the young brand, Alex has brought a number of innovative solutions that distinguish the airline air AZUR from other Charter carriers. Among the innovations, including the implementation of automation process of ordering in-flight catering and equipment property and QR encoding of the aircraft for the purpose of collecting, processing, correction, cleaning of the aircraft. Both innovations helped the carrier reduce the time and labor resources, to improve the quality of services provided. Another innovation proposed by the expert was the organization of “bakeries on Board”, so that the number of long-haul flights passengers are offered a freshly baked fragrant cakes. And this is not a complete list of innovations,” – said the airline.

The second Prize winner was Sergey Kuzmin. It is in AZUR air one of the youngest FAC, successfully owning piloting a Boeing 767-300. During the flight over the shoulders of Sergey responsibility for the safety of 336 passengers. As a rule, commanders of aircraft on this type of aircraft the pilots be older, but he was able to get the necessary experience and practice to his 34 years and is currently successfully operates flights as the commander of an aircraft of this type.