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Морская пехота США  расследует причины пожара на борту F-35B The marine corps is investigating the cause of the fire on Board the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter taking off from a base of “Beaufort” in South Carolina. This writes the Military-industrial courier.

The incident occurred on October 27 at the 501-th training squadron marine corps consisting of 20 fighters F-35B. When conducting a training flight over the base in the weapons Bay of one of the aircraft caught fire, said the press representative of the 2nd wing MP Lieutenant John Roberts.

“The plane landed safely, nobody has suffered, — he said. — The investigation is ongoing, all the news we’ll keep you updated as they become available,” according to Military.com.

According to Roberts, the flights in the squadron is not terminated, everything goes normally. The degree to which the aircraft damage is still unknown, but the centre of the naval security took the incident to the class “A” that involves an accident, the damage from which is not less than $ 2 million. The cost of the F-35B is estimated at $ 100 million.

Recall that this is not the first sudden fire on the aircraft program, the F-35: in September of this year, the pilot of the 61st fighter squadron was forced to leave the aircraft the F-35A due to a fire in the aft, and in June 2014 a fire at the other F-35A has led to the loss of 50 million dollars, and the prohibition decision of the Ministry of defense of flying the entire fleet of F-35. Previously, all incidents occurred with the F-35A, a fire in the 501-th training squadron — the first fire on the F-35B. The accident happened just at the time when the first squadron equipped with F-35B prepares for the transfer from a base in Arizona to Japan, in anticipation of deployment in the Pacific ocean early next year.