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Learn how to buy cheap air tickets


It has long past the time when flights cost price fabulous money. Of course, since that time the Civil Aviation Services have been some evolution. Nowadays, the modern man, sooner or later faces the need for a rapid move from point A to B, and for that he can choose for himself any of the existing modes of transport, but so far, the leaders on the speed of movement in space are air transportation. And probably no more such people, who would not want to travel quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, cheap. air market offers a wide range of services, but when buying tickets at the right direction, there are many pitfalls and name day, a variety of charges, extra charge for luggage, a taxi service and so on. Let’s try to figure out how to get around the obstacles that hinder buy cheap air tickets. Referring then to the experience of real people, and try to figure out the solution of this question.

Basic principles of buying tickets to loukosterov airlines.

The first thing to determine for themselves what loukost airline, a company that offers cheap in exchange for giving up most services Flight service. With the development of Internet services is the ability to order tickets in the online-mode and using the official page of air carriers sites, you can buy a ticket seem to be at a low cost and easily satisfied. But here we must know and remember that in this type of air travel, there are restrictions on baggage weight and size can also be a cancellation of catering services in the air. That is, if you buy a ticket on the company’s website very carefully make sure that the information that gives you a ticket purchase application, and be sure to read the contract, if this is not attached, it is better to refuse such a purchase in order to avoid problems. Experienced travelers know that cheaply to buy a ticket in loukosterov airlines, need to pay attention to such things as,
• Trip Planning (direction, date and time, it is important because on different dates ticket prices are different.)
• What do I need to take for the trip (documents, money, communication, personal belongings and all it has to fit in the personal luggage and not more than 5 kg)
• Know the tolerances on dimensions of baggage (airports near each rack loukosterov registration cost airlines templates dimensional tolerances for personal luggage and baggage, and if your luggage does not correspond to them, they will unfortunately have to pay extra for the ticket).
Of course, a great advantage in low-cost airlines and in conventional large airlines, is to register on the official website of the company, which in turn opens up access to various subscriptions, various promotions, discount programs and so on. It is also known that low-cost airlines and gives the limit in the direction of flights, and the majority of customers, and in particular as a business, business people, it is not suitable. Therefore, most turn to the airlines, which carry full air with full service.

The basic techniques that will help you in buying a cheap standard carriers.

• Register on the website of your chosen company (required official site).
• Booking a ticket in advance at the right time and date (most airlines offer the option to book with payment such as the day before departure, if you move your order in e-cart and you pay later, but here is not always obtained advantageous price is not significantly different from the original , then more than likely done for the convenience of the client).
• Do not overlook the importance of season ticket purchase (here obviously, if we buy a ticket in the summer when everyone wants to leave and seek rest, then profitability rates is not affected.) Then, in such cases, will help it advance booking where the probability to pay a so-called hot ticket much higher.
• Try to choose a direct flight (if the flight with transfers performed by one airline, then the price is not too much impact, but large carriers cooperate with one another and offer connecting flights which significantly raises the price).
• Determine what services we need (if the duration of the flight up to two chёsov, or do you prefer to dine for early before the flight, it is possible to give up power and is significantly lower ticket price but not all airlines offer this).
• Flight to accumulate miles (if you fly often, a good suggestion for you would be to get funded on the card which will naschityvatsya your miles for flights and will give the opportunity to receive attractive discounts when buying or even exchange them for a ticket).
• Pay attention to the type of aircraft for which the designated flight (it often happens that the same route flight carried out different types of aircraft, it can be both turbojet and turboprop, in turn, the rate of their different and, accordingly, the time of flight is also different, so this factor is too much important for the formation of the ticket price).
• See the number of classes in a plane (if the plane is large, such as B-747 and A-380, 340 has three or four classes of service, for example, such as imperial, luxury, business and economy, airlines that emphasize service more affluent customers cover their costs in the prices for the tickets more expensive class of service and standard consumer has to get tickets cheaper).
• It is important not to miss this moment as the time of the transplant if you are flying is not a direct flight.
• Also, if you are unable to book a ticket on a direct flight, just order a ticket separately at the desired point transplantation fly one airline, and the final order a ticket in the other, it will allow you to save on the interest rates of cheating.
• If you are traveling with your child, remember that children up to two years, fall under the infant category, that is, to order him a ticket is not necessary, and only directly in the reception area and, depending on the campaign (there is transported free of charge) to pay the cashier $ 50, and it is required in the case if the child is older than 1 year.
• Do not use the services of intermediaries in the purchase of the ticket.
It should be noted that the knowledge of foreign languages ​​an advantage and an opportunity to register on the original websites airlines and buy tickets on the true cost. All those who like to buy tickets in Düsseldorf, Germany (airline Lufthansa) or in Warsaw, Poland (airline LOT) will confirm that buying tickets there far better than in the CIS countries and even cheaper than the representative of the airlines operating in our country.
All of these methods should help you in buying a cheap ticket. It is important to know also How to book cheap flights, and where you plan to fly, it is very important to know the flight schedule because the flight time of the day is also one of the factors of price formation. Do not interfere with the knowledge of the interior of the aircraft, the flight of your future, where the choice of location is also important. There are cases where you can get on a flight where the ticket will cost only 20 €, and it is bad luck.
But many, especially the older generation used to buy tickets the old fashioned way in the airport ticket office or in offices that offer such services. Such people can be advised that they are as much as possible information gathered on the flight, which they need, and also used the above listed methods.
To all the above, you can add that most airlines offer a wide range of discounts for such categories as corporate clients who need group transportation of passengers, for young people, students, pupils, family travel, are not deprived of attention and such a category as the elderly and the disabled persons accompanying them.
Of course, it can be concluded that each of us chooses what he likes. Preferences are different, someone like that one or another airline, others like to visit them convenient for the airport, so use the services of the carrier which is based there. But if you do not take into account the basic laws Rink air, then 100%, we are faced with the risk of incurring large expenses on vacation, business, business trips. Therefore, knowledge of the principles of the formation of prices for air tickets, can save time and money, and most importantly, to have fun on their travels.