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МАУ намерена за 5 лет удвоить дальнемагистральный флот Airline “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA, Kyiv), the largest airline in the country, intends over five years to increase the number of long-haul aircraft in its fleet to eight, which is twice more than to the present time (four liner). It is reported by Interfax Ukraine.

Such plans were voiced by Vice-President for Commerce Serhiy Fomenko at a press conference dedicated to the launch of UIA Kiev – Ankara, Tuesday.

“If we talk in General about the development of the long-haul fleet of UIA, we have a plan for the development of aircraft for the next five years, which provides that we will grow from four to eight long-haul aircraft and at the same time we will hold updating this Park,” he said.

As reported, UIA plans to increase the total number of aircraft in its fleet over five years to 91 side, which is 2.3 times more than to date (39).

In addition, by 2021 it is planned to increase the rate of passenger traffic to 20 million people per year (in 2015 transported 4.8 million people, in 2016 is expected to increase by 17-18%).

MAU is the largest Ukrainian airline. The base airport – GMA “Borispol”. UIA fleet consists of 39 aircraft: 35 medium-haul and four long haul. One of the ultimate beneficiaries of the company is businessman Igor Kolomoisky.