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На Украине требуют отказаться от использования русского языка в аэропортах Ukrainian airports should abandon duplication of information in the Russian language in the country’s airports. This was stated by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian during the staff meeting, reports TASS.

“Airports of Ukraine should get the Russian language and Communist names. All information that resides in the airports of Ukraine on electronic boards, signboards, signs, or hear through speakers must be in Ukrainian and English”, – the press service quoted the official statement.

According to the Omelyan, airport staff also need to communicate with passengers in English or in Ukrainian languages.

The Minister stressed that “if the airport has a terminal, warehouse, or even a café, the title of which can be traced to the Soviet trail, it must be changed before the first of December”.

Omeljan previously reported that by December of this year will be completely eliminated duplication of information in the Russian language in the tickets, announcements and the scoreboard train stations.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in February 2014 voted in favor of the abolition of the law granting the Russian language regional status in several areas of the country. Subsequently, the authorities banned the broadcasting of several Russian TV channels that show Russian television series, creating the appropriate black list of artists who are denied entry to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, regular surveys of residents of Ukraine indicate that Russian language is spoken in many cities of the country. In the East it is spoken by more than 70% of the population. In the Central part of Ukraine Russian is used almost on a par with Ukrainian.